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    RCM ACI Builder v5.3.0.2
    Design of Reinforced Concrete Members according to ACI 318M-11

    RCM ACI-Builder:

    RCM is a flexible tool helps the structural engineers to design most types of reinforced concrete members according to ACI318M-11 Code and other ACI Standards like ACI350M-06, ACI244R-01, CRSI-2008 etc.

    The advantage of RCM is generating full detailed design reports with full formulas and illustrative figures exactly similar to hand calculation.

    The comprehensive detailed reports make RCM design engine as an open book, so the engineer can easily verify and validate them. Not only that, but also RCM reports guide the beginners to learn ACI Code in depth.

    RCM ACI-Builder Design Platform consists of the followings:

    A. Design of flexural members (Rectangular and T-Shape Sections):
    A.1- Determine section detailed characteristics under balance, singly reinforced and doubly reinforced cases.
    A.2- Calculate area of steel according to applied moment.
    A.3- Calculate moment according to provided area of steel.

    B. Design of One way Shear considering both simplified and detailed ACI318 formulas under following cases:
    B.1- Members subject to shear and flexure only.
    B.2- Members subject to shear and axial compression.
    B.3- Members subject to shear and significant axial tension.

    C. Design of Torsion:
    C.1- Consider combined effect of Shear and Torsion Stresses.
    C.3- Compare the applied torque with Threshold and Cracking Torsional Moment.
    C.2- Consider both cases of compatibility and equilibrium torsion.

    D. Design of Tow way Punching Shear:
    D.1- Consider prestressed and non-prestressed slabs.
    D.2- Consider all column geometry cases: interior, edge and corner columns.
    D.3- Consider indirect shear stresses caused by unbalanced moment.
    D.4- Provides required shear reinforcement along with termination distance from face of column.

    E. Control of Deflection for Beams and One-way Slabs:
    E.1- Determine immediate deflection due to Live load and compare it with allowable ACI318 limits.
    E.2- Determine Long-Term deflection due to Sustained loads and compare it with allowable ACI318 limits.

    F. Design of Corbels and Brackets.

    G. Design of Beam-Ledge supporting uniformly distributed load.

    H. Control of Flexural Cracks in beams and one-way slabs caused by bending moment.

    I. Design of Concentrically Loaded Pile-caps:
    I.1- 2-Pilecaps.
    I.2- 3-Pilecaps.
    I.3- 4-Pilecaps.
    I.4- 5-Pilecaps.
    I.5- Strip-Pilecaps.

    J. Design of isolated footings under concentrically case of loading.

    Download and Activate RCM:

    RCM ACI-Builder is freeware software. So engineers can download and use it for free.
    However, engineer has to activate his copy of RCM -(for free)-if he wants to print the design reports.

    How to activate your RCM License:

    1. Download RCM-ACI Builder from the following link:
    HTML Code:
    2. Install RCM, run it, then go to help tab and click on "Activate Program ..." button.

    3. Follow the instructions shown on Registration window form as shown here:

    4. Input the data as requested in ACTIVATION FORM web page as shown here:
    Activation Form Web Page:
    HTML Code:

    5. Click "Submit form" button to receive your Activation Code on your entered personal mail.

    6. Enjoy using RCM ACI-Builder.

    Design of Flexure

    Design of One-way Shear

    Design of Tow-way Punching Shear

    Design of Combined Shear and Torsion

    Control of Deflection

    Control of Flexural Cracks

    Design of Corbels and Brackets

    Design of Beam Ledge

    Design of Concentrically Loaded Isolated Footing

    Design of 2-Pilecaps

    Design of 3-Pilecaps

    Design of 4-Pilecaps

    Design of 5-Pilecaps

    Design of Strip-Pilecaps

    Design of Columns (still under developing...)

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